Thursday, 29 March 2012


Is it just me that thinks it ridiculous and even unfair that farmers with livestock and crops are being placed under water restrictions, whilst golf courses seem to be exempt from hosepipe bans?

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


There's been a fair bit of recent coverage regarding the conjunction of the planets Venus and Jupiter, so I thought I'd have a go at a night-time image across the roofs of neighbouring houses. What do you think?

Venus is the brighter of the two planets, with the Moon appearing above.

And you can read more on the Daily Mail site.

Sunday, 25 March 2012


Last night our clocks went forward an hour, into British Summer Time, bringing with it lighter evenings and the first outing of my short trousers and flip-flops (or thongs as the Aussies would say).

So I spent a good few hours today doing a few chores about the garden, having a bit of a tidy up before planting my first crop of seed potatoes, which should be ready towards early July. I had quite a bit of success last year and a whole lot of fun, finger's crossed for this year. In addition I've sown 5 varieties of Chilli Pepper, which are now in pots on my kitchen window sill waiting to germinate.

Judging by the weather we've had this past week, it looks like we may have a cracking summer in the UK. The flip side of that of course is that due to the lack of rain through winter, we have already been told hose pipe bans will be in place from early April. Oh joy.

Speaking of water, I got home from work on Tuesday to the sound of running water. Seems something nasty has happened to my toilet, which means that until the plumber comes on Wednesday I have to make do with using a bucket to flush. I'm just pleased this happened now, if it was going to happen at all, rather than when GFDU was here. I can just imagine the conversation: " Welcome to England. By they way we're so backward here, we have to use this to flush with." LOL.

Followers to this blog might also like to know I have uploaded images of three more pots to Webshots. You'll need to navigate your way to about page 15 for the latest stuff.

And finally the Royals continue their push for promotion.

24 March Reading 3 - 1 Blackpool

Here's how the top part of the Championship looks at present:

Southampton 39 23 72 35 37 78 
Reading 39 22 10 56 34 22 73 
West Ham 38 19 12 59 38 21 69 
Brighton 39 17 11 11 48 40 62 
Middlesbrough 38 16 13 45 42 61 
Birmingham 38 16 12 10 60 41 19 60 
Blackpool 39 16 12 11 66 56 10 60 
Cardiff 39 15 15 57 50 60 
Hull 38 16 10 12 38 32 58 
10 Leeds 39 16 14 59 57 57 

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Doctor Who Just Got Prettier

Yesterday Steven Moffat, Executive Producer of Doctor Who, introduced the world to Amy Pond's replacement on board the TARDIS.

Step forward the gorgeous Jenna-Louise Coleman.

Mmmm. Need I say more? LOL

Screen husband and wife Rory and Amy Pond (played by Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan) will depart at some point in the new series, which returns this coming Autumn. Jenna-Louise will apparently make her first appearance in the Christmas episode.

17 March Barnsley 0 - 4 Reading
20 March Peterborough 3 - 1 Reading

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


The Royals unbeaten run continues with a draw away at Doncaster.

13 March Doncaster 1 - 1 Reading.

Reading move for the moment to second in the Championship, one point ahead of West Ham (who have one game in hand). If Reading can hold this position until the end of the season, automatic promotion back to the Premiership is certain.

Is that too much to ask for?

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Just Like Summer..?

Did you see the weather in England today? It was 15 degrees Celsius in my back garden this afternoon and when I went out briefly to run some errands, I actually saw a man walking down the road with his shirt off. In March. I kid not.

Just for the record the warmest place in the UK today was in Nottinghamshire, where 19 degrees Celsius (around 62 degrees F) was noted. It's not even officially Spring yet.

(And yes I have today taken the precaution of retrieving the short trousers out of storage.) 

I've also been been catching up on recent episodes of Top Gear. Try to find the one with the jet pack Rocket Man racing at 120mph (193kph) against a Seat rally car around the Welsh hillsides. Just mad but totally riveting. It's also the one with Matt Smith. Quite a nifty driver.

And finally yesterday Reading FC pulled off a win against visiting Leicester. The Royals are now on equal points with second placed West Ham but thanks to goal difference remain in third.

10 March Reading 3 - 1 Leicester

One more thing: you can't beat home-made banana and raisin bread pudding. Mmmm. 

Friday, 9 March 2012

Mr Vincent Is Not On This Number

I've been receiving of late what I can only describe as nuisance calls to my mobile (cell) phone. I've had at least three this week at various times of the day and a good number in the previous weeks.

They keep asking for Mr Vincent. That's not me and I've had the same mobile number for at least 10 years so I can't imagine why they keep calling. Every time I inform the caller (male and female, it varies) they have the wrong number, they terminate the call promptly but you can bet another call won't be more than a couple of  days away.

I suspect from their manner it's a debt collection agency and on one occasion the caller claimed to be representing a company called Stevenson Drake, although I can find no trace on Google, and of course they withhold their number.

My phone company could only suggest I change my number, but I don't see why I should be inconvenienced by having to update everyone with a new number, or call the police. I've chosen the latter for the time being. Let's see what the boys and girls in blue can do. And I even have a Crime Number dontchaknow.

Unless anyone out there in the Blog-sphere has an alternative solution..?

Thursday, 8 March 2012


I've just uploaded images of my three latest pots, here. You'll need to find your way to the end of the album, at around page 15 but please take a look and let me know what you think.

Also today LL called me with two pieces of news: he's done well in his swimming class, passed the current level and will move up a class after Easter; and also he's had another tooth fall out. I'm not sure which in his mind is more important but I suspect the Tooth Fairy might have something to do with it LOL.

Elsewhere, the Royals have been doing well recently. They're now firmly in third, only two points off second place.

26 Feb Middlesbrough 0 - 2 Reading
3 Mar Millwall 1 - 2 Reading
6 Mar Reading 1 - 0 Portsmouth

Sunday, 4 March 2012

So Soon?*

*Or why I am giving up college again.

In happier times.

My poor car- sometimes referred to as the Dirtmobile- has been a bit poorly of late. I've had it for 9 years now, from new and I'm afraid they just don't build them to last. Anyway the car and I have experienced this past month a rather bad run of expenses/costly repair bills, at just over £900 (about US/AU $1350) all told.

I've a nasty suspicion there will likely be more work necessary in the coming months so I think probably this year I'll have to bite the bullet and say goodbye to my trusty transport and hello to a shiny new set of wheels. Either way my return to college and pottery is going to be short lived, which is a real shame. Having got my hands back in the clay and starting to produce some pleasing forms, I have realised just how much I missed ceramics. The trouble is, I just can't afford the term fees and car repairs/replacement all at the same time.

Obviously I will post images of the finished work in the coming weeks but don't expect too much before another break.