Saturday, 28 November 2009

Man-Flu Free!

Got a letter this week calling me for both Swine and Winter Seasonal Flu jabs today. You wouldn't believe the queues at the surgery. Now feeling a bit sore and very much like a pin cushion, with one in each arm.

No Man-Flu for me this winter! LOL

Derby 2 - 1 Reading

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Give Thanks

It's Thanksgiving in the United States today and I understand Americans wherever they are will be getting together with family, friends and colleagues to celebrate.

So what about the rest of of us? Shouldn't we also spend some time giving thanks for everything good we have? On the whole I'm sure most people reading this Blog probably have a pretty good life, I don't think it would hurt to acknowledge that fact.

Once again heavy flooding is affecting large areas of the north of England and Scotland, with the Cumbrian towns of Workington and Cockermouth receiving heavy media coverage as the worst hit. Perhaps I should give thanks that I don't live in either town?

How about never really knowing what it is to be hungry? Or that a fresh water supply is taken for granted?

But maybe what I am most thankful for is that Little Lad is a healthy, happy fellow who loves life and makes me proud every time I see him.

I too can do this LOL.

Anyone else want to share?

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Thought I'd post a brief update from last weekend.

Saturday started in the usual fashion with a certain young man going to Gym club, which he loves. He'll never be the best by a long shot but the important thing is that he always seems to try his best. Later we went along to Dad's church where they were holding a craft sale and Dad was attempting to drum up interest in some pottery pieces. In the end he sold about 9, three of mine and the rest his. To be honest, based on those sales, I'm not ready to jack the job and become a full time potter LOL but it was a good exercise.

The annual Southern Ceramics Show was also being held at The Maltings in Farnham, so I popped along there Sunday to see how the professionals do things. Made the wise decision to leave all but ten pounds at home, so couldn't be too tempted LOL.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Better Still

7 Nov
Reading 1 - 1 Ipswich

21 Nov
Reading 2 - 1 Blackpool


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Racism In TV-Land..?

**This is just a bit of fun but perhaps there might be a grain of truth somewhere here?**

Really loving Flashforward on Five, screening only a few days behind the US premier but am I the only one concerned by blatant anti British undertones?

Joseph Fiennes is an excellent British actor in the lead role as our "everyday" FBI agent, thrown into the drama and trying to solve the riddle of the Flashforward. Only trouble is Fiennes tries to put on a ridiculous American accent and in my view fails spectacularly.

Opposite him (perhaps in more ways than one, we'll see) is Jack Davenport another Brit. However, he plays a bad guy or at least a shady character who has more than a passing involvement in the cause of the future visions. Guess what? Jack gets to use his native English accent.

Has 'British' become something of a dirty word in US TV-land? Will those of us from The Old Country forever be portrayed as suspicious and as a nation not to be trusted? LOL

A much younger looking Jack Davenport with the cast of Steven "Dr Who" Moffat's BBC comedy series Coupling.

Consider this. In Star Trek: The Next Generation, although using something like his natural speaking voice renown actor Patrick Stewart had to play the role of a Frenchman! The heroic Tracey brothers in Jerry Anderson's Thunderbirds were all American and the bad guys were definitely non American. Even though this was a British production it was playing with an eye to an American audience and had to conform to the set standard.

And while we're about it, how often are the British "sports stars" portrayed in an unfavourable light, as untrustworthy monarchy loving cads on the WWE and similar? LOL

Now don't even get me started on The Fantastic Mr Fox, where all the heroes have American accents and take part in American pastimes (like baseball), while the naughty people are... you've guessed it... LOL

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Current work in progress, for those interested. I'm reliably informed the little round indents on my pot are called "Doo-Hickies." Ummm... right..?

Anyway, it's now waiting to be bisque fired and then I can decorate with glaze and maybe an oxide or two.

Monday, 9 November 2009


A sure sign Winter is on it's way: the temperature at 8am was 3 degrees Celcius (around 37 degrees F) and I found a layer of ice on my car windscreen. Nearly time to get the coat, hat and gloves out LOL.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Remembrance Sunday

For all those who have given their lives in the name of freedom.

Nearby Finchampstead war memorial.

Friday, 6 November 2009


Since when did it become Disney's A Christmas Carol?

I thought Charles Dickens wrote it. Just goes to show how wrong you can be LOL...

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Cracking Good Google Doodle

Is it really 20 years since Wallace and Gromit first appeared, in A Grand Day Out? Only seems like yesterday to this big kid LOL.

Thanks to for this lovely doodle on their search page. Happy 'birthday' to (creator) Nick Park and Aardman Animations and of course the plasticine duo themselves! Read more at the Telegraph on-line.

Pass the cheese and crackers please.