Sunday, 30 June 2013

Skipping Under The Rainbow

Have just heard the new track from Julia Fordham. Somehow I knew I'd love it.

Good to hear she's touring the UK again and by all accounts is sold out. Been years since I saw her in concert- happy days.

Geese And Spuds

With Dad and SM up for the weekend, I brought LL over to see them on Saturday. Among other activities we dug some of my early Potato crop, as you do. Here's how we got on...

It's serious business, dontcha know.

Earlier in the day we'd made the most of the good weather to take a stride around the university lake and feed bread to the ducks and geese. There were quite a number of rather hungry mouths to feed, I can tell you.

Canada's finest find out if there is enough food to go round.


Walk like an Egyptian LOL

Friday, 21 June 2013

(Quite) Small But Mighty

Recently treated myself to a little bit of tech' courtesy of T-Mobile (or EE as they are now known in the UK).

This handy device (a sort of mobile broadband router) allows Wifi connectivity via the 3G network for my tablet and 6 other devices. Not bad for only £7 per month, about $11 at current exchange rates.

Just hope sometime soon Summer finally arrives- then I can sit in a field somewhere and surf the web to my hearts' content LOL.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

(Sort Of) Bread Pudding

OK so it's not actually made from a loaf of bread. I used some Hot Cross Buns that had been lurking in the freezer for a couple of months instead. To this I added the usual fruit, cinnamon and milk. And a whole jar of Duerr's Seville Orange Marmalade. Mmmm.

These two should keep me going for a while LOL.

Sunday Humour

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

All Fall Down

Just how good is The Fall, featuring a strong cast, led by Gillian Anderson? It's a bit gruesome and certainly not for the feint-hearted but I for one can't wait to see the conclusion next Monday.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Ummm...Are You Being Serious..?

The weather here has finally got its act together- Spring might actually have arrived at last. Better late than never I say.

Anyway, as a result the good weather has brought many out into their gardens to enjoy the sunshine, myself included doing a few long overdue jobs. My neighbours too have been outside today and you can't help but overhear the odd snippet here and there as you go about your business. Of the many things I did hear (I promise I wasn't deliberately ear-wigging) was the following, said by an adult while- I assume- trying to educate or inform a child:

"Salmon doesn't build muscles, it refines your accent."

This person couldn't have been serious, surely?

Elsewhere this weekend I learnt LL has a new word to describe absolutely everything: "Awesome." I know at least one person who will be delighted and impressed with this news LOL.

Matt Smith is leaving at Christmas. Say it ain't so, Moff?!?