Saturday, 29 May 2010

Captain Slow

Loyal readers may recall I was recently caught speeding in my little car. As a result I was offered the opportunity to attend a Driver Awareness course, or pay a fine and receive points on my licence. Bit of a no-brainer that one.

Anyway having spent one afternoon this week (with a number of other law breakers), I have to say what an informative and excellent course it was. All be it a tad sobering. So it seems my work colleagues now have a new nick-name for me: Captain Slow. This is the same nick-name given to James May from BBC's Top Gear because of his rather sensible, sedate driving style.

The boys from BBC TV's Top Gear: (L to R) Jeremy Clarkson, James "Captain Slow" May and Richard Hammond. 'Tame' race driver The Stig declined to pose LOL.

Gonna drive a bit slower and pay more attention all round from now on. Guess that means I'm not in such bad company after all!

Dad has announced he is to remarry. Not too sure how I feel about that.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Small Ships

Today marks the 70th anniversary of Operation Dynamo- the evacuation of Dunkirk. Over 300,000 allied troops were rescued from northern France during the period 27 May to 4 June 1940. Around 50 of the original surviving small ships made the trip across the English Channel today to mark the occasion. Read about it here and take a look at some images here.

Some have argued that without this heroic rescue the war may well have ended differently or at least lasted far longer.

BTW: Five hundred blog posts. Not too shabby LOL.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Gene Genie

The final episode of the fabulous Ashes to Ashes has aired, bringing to an end a 5 season mystery-cum story-arc that started with Life on Mars. With it the truth has at last been revealed regarding Sam Tyler and Alex Drake's travels back to the 1970's and 80's respectively.

I won't spoil the end but I will say I for one didn't see it coming and yet now I look back all the signs were there right from early on. Great TV, well plotted and ending with the audience wanting more.

Philip Glenister is the "Gene Genie", DCI Gene Hunt, snake skin boots and all. Brought to you by Kudos/BBC Wales.

Elsewhere US TV execs have axed both Heroes and FlashForward this past week. Both had exciting and promising starts and at times I've enjoyed watching them but to be honest they each lost direction and focus rapidly and needed putting out of our misery. Perhaps the writers/creators of both should look to Mars and Ashes for hints and tips on making good, gripping (almost sci-fi) drama..?    

Oh yeah one other thing: the weather was lovely today. Spent quite a bit of time outside playing What's the Time, Mr Wolf? with you-know-who. Great.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

For Arts' Sake

Latest offerings from college...

18cm bowl in Yellow Brown glaze

Blue Grey small pot

Yellow Brown slotted bowl

And the reason for the slots? Because it's Art LOL!

Saturday, 8 May 2010


Victory in Europe, 65 years ago today.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Tomorrow, Thursday 6 May, will be a very important day in the United Kingdom.

We have local council elections and also a nationwide General Election to elect a new government and Prime Minister. Turnout in recent UK elections has been disappointingly low and according to the news this evening, as many as four in 10 people are yet to decide their voting intentions, if they vote at all. Some may even opt for a random selection once inside the polling booth.

Polls are open from 7am until 10pm. Go on: get yourself out there, make your voice heard and put a simple X on your vote.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Season High

The Royals finished the season yesterday with a win at home to Preston and in a very respectable position. Who would have thought earlier this season they were facing the real prospect of relegation.

Reading 4 - 1 Preston

Championship table
Sunday, 2 May 2010 15:08 UK
1 Newcastle 46 55 102
2 West Brom 46 41 91

3 Nottm Forest 46 25 79
4 Cardiff 46 19 76
5 Leicester 46 16 76
6 Blackpool 46 16 70

7 Swansea 46 3 69
8 Sheff Utd 46 7 65
9 Reading 46 5 63
10 Bristol City 46 -9 63
11 Middlesbrough 46 8 62
12 Doncaster 46 1 60
13 QPR 46 -7 57
14 Derby 46 -10 56
15 Ipswich 46 -11 56
16 Watford 46 -7 54
17 Preston 46 -15 54
18 Barnsley 46 -16 54
19 Coventry 46 -17 54
20 Scunthorpe 46 -22 52
21 Crystal Palace 46 -3 49

22 Sheff Wed 46 -20 47
23 Plymouth 46 -25 41
24 Peterborough 46 -34 34