Tuesday, 26 June 2012


What a great name for a beer and it's 4.1% dontchaknow.

Visit the Dorset Piddle Brewery here.

Monday, 25 June 2012

You Know You're Getting Old...

It is true what they say- whoever "they" are- that as you get older, the police and school teachers definitely start to look younger and younger.

This time it was a trip to school for parent's evening and a review of LL's academic progress. He's going along very nicely, just so you know.   

Thursday, 21 June 2012

After Dinner

Readers of this blog may recall one of my favourite films is Ridley Scott's Alien. Absolutely love it and despite pretty much knowing it inside out, I still find it exciting and somewhat scary.

You can imagine my delight at the thought of a trip to the cinema this week to see Prometheus, Scott's (possibly maybe) prequel. Definitely set in the same universe and playing by the same rules or as I think Scott put it, it shares the same DNA. A good film- certainly superior to Alien 3- with big spectacle set pieces to please. Not as scary as perhaps I would have liked but there you go.

Regardless of whether Prometheus fits into the Alien canon, there was I noted quite a big plot hole that got over looked. Just taking the film as a stand alone, a pretty big plot device had been used and then contradicted later on. I won't spoil things here, see if you can work it out.

Oh and while I think of it, I had real difficulties with the main character being named after a well known After Dinner Mint brand. Would have thought fellow Brit Scott would have known LOL...

Has anyone noticed today is meant to be the longest day (at least in the northern hemisphere)? It's more or less rained all day (see previous post re- summer weather) with temperatures likely to have struggled to get to the low 20's grrr. Of course now all we can look forward to is the nights gradually drawing in as we head towards Christmas. Cheerful soul aren't I?

By the way has anyone else been enjoying the excellent sitcom 2 Broke Girl$? See what they did there with the title LOL? Nothing ground breaking and a bit obvious at times but quite fun.  

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


You know, looking at the weather this past week or so I can't help but wonder if the UK has somehow been swapped with the Ferengi home world from the Star Trek franchise LOL. Sooner or later summer must start, surely?

Paramount TV's finest.

Best brush up on the Rules of Acquisition I guess*.

*Getting in touch with my inner Trekkie LOL.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Quiet Voice

You know there are times when I feel like a school teacher- forever having to ask LL to use his 'quiet voice' in that particular patient tone teachers employ. Other times all he wants to do is make things in clay*, "just like Daddy." Today was a bit of both with excess noise through the middle and peaceful, creative fun later. As for the morning, that was taken up with learning to swim butterfly stroke.

Although never referred to as "Nana" this apron was one of mum's favourites for the little guy and has proved very useful over the years. Still fits just.

*Real potter's stoneware clay, not plastercine or play-dough. Thankfully at present he's not too fussed about getting it fired.

Monday, 4 June 2012


Today some 4,500 beacons are being lit across the planet, in Commonwealth countries to mark the Queen's 60 year reign. These are being ignited at 10pm local time, with the first lit in Tonga, followed by New Zealand and Australia*. The final beacon will be lit tonight at around 10.30pm BST in London by Her Majesty at the end of a free concert in her honour.

Sadly it was announced shortly before the concert that the Queen's husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh had been taken ill and would not be at the Queen's side. It is expected he will spend a few days in a nearby hospital.

*It's always refreshing to see a staunch Republican like Aussie Prime Minister Julia Gillard having to acknowledge and pay tribute to Royalty LOL.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Long To Rain* Over Us

Wouldn't you know it- public holiday in the UK and it's chilly and raining! What happened to all the glorious weather we were enjoying last weekend? I'm seriously thinking about having to put the central heating back on for a bit.

Loving all the repackaged items currently in the shops, just in time for the Jubilee and Olympics.

* "God save our gracious Queen
Long live our noble Queen
God save the Queen
Send her victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to reign over us
God save the Queen"

I guess you might conclude I'm a bit of a Royalist at heart...

Saturday, 2 June 2012


LL and I took a trip to Henley on Thames today with a view to walking along the tow path into town and take in the sights of all the street decorations. Instead we arrived (by chance) just in time to experience the river pageant. Not the official river Thames pageant with the royal family at the head of the procession but a somewhat more amateur affair. It was a whole a lot of fun anyway.

Here's a selection of images I captured from our vantage point on the bridge...

Oh and happy 700th blog post to me!

Friday, 1 June 2012


What better way to start celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee weekend? Cheers!