Sunday, 25 April 2010


The Maiwand Lion as it is known, has been a fixture in Reading for far longer than I can remember. It's situated in the Forbury Gardens part of the old Abbey ruins. It's also said to be the largest cast lion of it's type in the world. So there LOL.

If you take a look at the dedication, you'll realise we really haven't learnt anything at all.

Saturday, 24 April 2010


20 April:
Scunthorpe 2 - 2 Reading

24 April:
Watford 3 - 0 Reading

Friday, 23 April 2010

St George's Day

Really should get that flag pole LOL.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Few Thoughts

In no particular order:
  • Have successfully tracked down Fentiman's Traditional Ginger Beer. It's "Botanically brewed" dontchaknow. Will enjoy drinking, I'm sure. Just have to remember to gently shake first.The bottle that is LOL.
  • Reading FC thrashed Peterborough United 6 - 0 today. The Royals move to 9th in the Championship. Very little chance of a play-off place sadly.
  • The General Election will be upon us 6th May. Whoever wins I just hope they put an end to the horrible habit of briefing the press and pre-announcing everything. You know: "The Prime Minister will later today announce that..." I mean you either announce something now or you say it later.You can't do both, with me?
  • The new style Daleks are rubbish. I mean they suck, big time. With a few minor tweaks, the classic design of Doctor Who's greatest foe has remained unchanged since 1963. Why a major and appalling overhaul now?
  • While I feel for all those stranded air passengers, as someone who lives under the flight path of the busiest airport in the world, it's lovely and quiet without any planes flying for two days now. For those from "out of town," Britain and most of Europe is closed to air traffic thanks to an Icelandic volcano.
  • LL has done very well this week in his swimming class. Am very proud. 
  • You can tell spring is here and summer not that far away: the air is full of the smell of BBQ lighter fuel LOL.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Reading 1 - 2 Newcastle

Last night's result means I think we can pretty much say goodbye to a play-off place :-(

Coca Cola Championship
Tuesday, 13 April 2010 
1 Newcastle 43 52 95
2 West Brom 43 39 86

3 Nottm Forest 43 24 75
4 Cardiff 43 19 70
5 Leicester 43 10 67
6 Swansea 43 3 65

7 Blackpool 43 13 63
8 Middlesbrough 43 12 61
9 Bristol City 43 -7 59
10 Sheff Utd 43 2 58
11 Reading 42 -1 56
12 Doncaster 43 0 55
13 Ipswich 43 -8 54
14 Preston 43 -11 53
15 Barnsley 43 -13 53
16 Derby 43 -11 52
17 Coventry 43 -13 52
18 QPR 42 -7 51
19 Watford 42 -10 48
20 Scunthorpe 42 -24 47
21 Crystal Palace 43 -3 46

22 Sheff Wed 43 -19 45
23 Plymouth 43 -19 41
24 Peterborough 43 -28 31

Sunday, 11 April 2010

My, How Little You've Changed!

Recently I've been taking an interest in tracing my family tree. Although to be honest I've been taking a bit of a back seat and been getting some help. Something that has come to light is just how fixed in the Reading area all sides of my family have been. You'd think therefore tracing ancestors would be pretty straight forward but when one branch a generation or so back have the "Smith" surname it's not such a small task tracking down the right family members from old census documents. Particularly when someone has seen fit at a later date to amend documents, changing descriptions of occupations to more "glamorous" sounding ones...

Anyway something that has been quite fun has been looking at old images of Reading town centre. This got me thinking about how much the town has changed over the years and perhaps how much or little a grandparent (or great grandparent) would recognise of our home town. Cutting a long story short, I took a walk about town today armed with my camera. Take a look, what do you think?

Friar Street, looking towards the clock tower of Reading Town Hall (1950ish) and what is now Reading Museum (2010).

Queen Victoria Street, looking towards Heelas department store (1950ish) and the recently re-branded John Lewis department store (2010). Note the fa├žade has had something of a face-lift but it is the same store. Promise.

Oh I should also mention that apparently last weekend the final batch of beer was shipped from the town's brewery, bringing to an end a proud history of beer making in Reading. I blogged about this a couple of years back when the closure was announced; the Three B's are no more.

Saturday, 10 April 2010


Despite putting in some very strong performances the Royals have seen only mixed results this past week, playing two games over the Easter weekend and one again today.  Nevertheless they've moved up to 11th in the Championship and pretty much security from relegation. With only a few games remaining until the end of season the mathematical chance of making the Premiership play-off's remains but some tough matches await...

3 April
Ipswich 2 - 1 Reading

5 April
Reading 3 - 0 Coventry

10 April
Cardiff 0 - 0 Reading

Next up, the Royals host Championship leaders Newcastle on Tuesday.

And I bet you thought I was going to mention Matt Smith LOL? (But isn't he brilliant?)

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Slow Down!

Got this in the post today...

Driving too fast. Not feeling too proud of myself.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Friday

Bun anyone?

It's a public holiday here today and Monday so it's bound to rain LOL. Ah, the joys of living in Britain! But wherever you are, hope you have a good weekend.