Monday, 30 May 2011


A thrilling match at Wembly stadium today saw Reading FC make a valiant attempt but in the end Swansea were the better team on the day. The final score of Reading 2 - 4 Swansea sees the Welsh team promoted to play Premiership football next season.

Maybe next year.

Sunday, 22 May 2011


Further to my last posting where I mentioned the Olympic torch would be visiting Reading.

Dad told me recently some interesting things about the 1948 games (he was 10 at the time). Not only was the marathon held round what is now the Reading University campus but his brother D, being slightly older, got to carry the torch (as part of a group from Boy's Brigade) as it made it's way through the town towards London.

How cool is that?

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Ten Pound Challenge

I've been set of the task today of trying to get my weekly shopping for under £10 (about US $16,  AU $15).

You can't get much but here's how I got on:

  • 2.27 l (4 pints) fresh semi-skimmed milk, £1.25
  • 500 g butter, £2.00
  • 925 g apples, £1.61
  • 1.02 g bananas, £0.80
  • 140 g sliced corned beef, £1.75
  • large wholemeal loaf (sliced), £0.47
  • 750 g cornflakes, £1.28
The total comes to £9.16, well done me. Dad and SM are due for a visit next week, I may therefore find my larder, freezer and fridge gets depleted but I intend to give this a go again next week.

And elsewhere...

I've had quite a lot of interest in my CV this week, you never know it might lead to a job!

Reading has been announced as one of the venues to be visited by the Olympic torch next year on it's way to the games in "that London." Might have to take LL along for a look-see.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


The Royals dominated their away leg in Wales with a 3 - 0 win against Cardiff. Next up they will play (former Reading manager) Brendan Rodgers' Swansea at the end of the month, for the right next year to play in the Premiership.

Well done.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Curly Fries And Other Thoughts

  • Have you noticed the current trend of saying "Up Coming"? If we mean "Future" why not use it? It takes fewer letters after all.
  • I got asked yesterday by the lady living across from LL to help apply some eye drops to her poorly cat. Those beasties have sharp claws- I very nearly lost my left raspberry*. No really.
  • I now have three different varieties of potato growing in my garden: Rocket, Vales Emerald and Maris Piper. These are due to crop June, Aug/Sept and Aug/Oct respectively.
  • Ever heard someone say "I've not heard from you in ages"? If they were that concerned, why weren't they the first to pick up the phone or write an email? It works both ways don't you think?
  • Heard today that my great aunt (on Mum's side) died on Friday. She was the last living sibling of my Grandad.
  • As requested I returned to the Surgery for another Asthma check. This time I saw someone different and apparently "lung age" is a load of rubbish. Go figure.
  • The Royals need a win away at Cardiff on Tuesday if they are to proceed to the play-off final at Wembly. The no score draw at home last Friday in the first leg wasn't a good start.
  • Whoever dreamt up curly fries should be given an award. Oh so tasty and brings to mind some very fond memories.

King of the road (or path)? 

* Rhyming slang for... you can work it out, think about ice cream LOL.

Sunday, 8 May 2011


The Royals finished the championship season proper with a mixed bag of results. Possibly having worked their way into the play-off zone, they rested on their laurels just a little too much...

22 Apr Leeds 0 - 0 Reading
25 Apr Reading 2 - 3 Sheffield United
30 Apr Coventry 0 - 0 Reading
7 May Reading 2 - 1 Derby

Reading will take on fourth placed Cardiff for the chance to play the winner of Swansea and Nottingham Forest in the play-off final. The winner will be awarded promotion to the Premiership along with Queens Park Rangers and Norwich.

Npower Championship table

1 QPR 46 39 88
2 Norwich 46 25 84

3 Swansea 46 27 80
4 Cardiff 46 22 80
5 Reading 46 26 77
6 Nott'm Forest 46 19 75

7 Leeds 46 11 72
8 Burnley 46 4 68
9 Millwall 46 14 67
10 Leicester 46 5 67
11 Hull 46 1 65
12 Middlesbrough 46 0 62
13 Ipswich 46 -6 62
14 Watford 46 6 61
15 Bristol City 46 -3 60
16 Portsmouth 46 -7 58
17 Barnsley 46 -11 56
18 Coventry 46 -4 55
19 Derby 46 -13 49
20 Crystal Palace 46 -25 48
21 Doncaster 46 -26 48

22 Preston 46 -25 42
23 Sheffield Utd 46 -35 42
24 Scunthorpe 46 -44 42

Monday, 2 May 2011

Book Worm

Now I don't usually do this but may I just recommend a thoroughly good book?

It's "Empty Cradles," Margaret Humphreys 1994 account of her work uncovering the scandal of the Home Children scheme. You may recall I mentioned it here after I had seen the film based on this book.

A compelling read that tells how Margaret first became aware that over several years children had been removed from this country without parental consent. She details how they lost their identities, were split from brothers or sisters and often ended up living in worse conditions than those the so-called "orphans" had left behind in the mother country. Many told of abuse at the hands of the individuals entrusted to look after them.