Thursday, 23 May 2019


The polls have now closed in the UK for the unnecessary European elections. We shouldn't have been forced to take part but since our elected national leaders are so incompetent or self-serving, the UK is still part of the EU and by law we have to take part.

In our national and local votes, the results start rolling in through the wee small hours however other European member states will be voting over the weekend, so our results won't be announced until after 10pm Sunday. Another major difference is we normally use the 'first past the post' system, ie the person with the most votes wins. In the European vote, we have a form of proportional representation, so the vote is more for a party and the candidates they have put forward for a particular region.

This whole farce will have cost UK taxpayer millions and those we elect as MEP's might possibly never get to sit in the EU parliament should the UK finally get round to leaving.

Anyway on my way to vote, I had the opportunity to snap this awesome sunset. Red sky at night and all that...

To Vote Or Not Vote (Part II)

This time, the pointless European elections. You know, the ones we were promised we wouldn't take part in because we would have left the EU by now.

The EU Parliament won't actually sit until July and there's an outside chance BREXIT might have occurred by then, that the majority will of the people of this great country will have prevailed. In which case the millions spent holding this election will have been wasted. Well done to the political elite, who behave like they think they know better.

Rant over.

Sunday, 19 May 2019


One of my Peonies is now flowering, the other seems to be a little way behind and providing a great venue for an ant farm LOL.

Saturday, 18 May 2019

A Good Night?

Forget Eurovision, it's gonna be a great night LOL...

Bricking It

What could this signify? The coming Apocalypse or, as it might be called, Brickgeddon LOL?

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Thursday, 2 May 2019


New glasses ordered on 'tinternet at a fraction of the high street cost. It's a wonder sometimes that any physical shops still survive. At least we still need somewhere to get an actual sight test and vision prescription...

To Vote Or Not Vote

England and Northern Ireland go to the Polls today; Wales and Scotland are spared LOL. Local councils in two of the four UK nations are up for re-election. To be quite honest though, given how the national Parliament has behaved recently, many are questioning whether they should bother turning out to vote. If our national leaders don't get their act together very soon, we'll be forced to take part in the European elections scheduled for 23rd of this month...

Sunday, 28 April 2019


Definitely a throne of sorts, just not one made of iron LOL. Well done to one IKEA store for getting into the GoT spirit.

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Here Be Dragons!

Is it the gratuitous murders? The political intrigue and double crossing? Fire breathing dragons? Or the boobs? Somehow Game Of Thrones is quite addictive isn't it?

Not part of George R R Martin's Songs Of Ice And Fire series LOL.

Monday, 22 April 2019


Lewes Castle is one of the oldest Norman castles in the UK. Situated relatively close to Hastings, it was one of the first fortifications built in England by the conquering Norman army of William I (sometimes referred to as The Conquerer or The Bastard). Temperatures today reached a very pleasant 24 degrees in Sussex, lovely. Made for a grand time exploring the castle ruins and grounds; however returning to the mundane of work will seem that bit harder LOL.

Sunday, 21 April 2019


Taking in history is always something I've been interested in, although have to confess to being far from an expert. Given the opportunity I enjoy widening my understanding of times past and how people lived.

Tucked away in the Sussex town of Lewes (pronounced like the sidekick to Inspector Morse) is the lovely cottage gifted to Anne of Cleves on the annulment of her marriage. Not a bad settlement I'm sure, especially since I don't think Anne lived there long or indeed at all. Instead I believe it was used to generate rental income in the end. Stepping inside, despite modern safety features and electrical cables, it is easy to imagine how life would have been.

Oh and Happy Easter everyone.