Tuesday, 22 December 2009

A Nightmare Before Christmas?

Yesterday afternoon the snow returned with a vengeance with all told about 4-6 inches (10-15cm) falling very quickly. Needless to say the country came to a standstill. At around 3pm most folk in the office decided it was best to leave and try to get home promptly. The fool that I am had work that needed working and opted to stay with a couple of others until just before 5. Big mistake.

Nearby Arborfield Garrison (honest!) last night.

I live about 8 miles from the office and this normally takes under half hour during so called rush hour times. Yesterday by 6.30 I'd gone about half a mile and managed to get the car stuck on a moderate hill, with no chance of getting up it and the prospect of more hills to follow. Plus the clutch was getting a tad smelly and the last thing I need is for it to burn out.

Spencers Wood today.

Fortunately I had hat, gloves and boots with me (as well as my coat) so I grabbed these, abandoned the car safely on the roadside and walked home, taking the opportunity to make a few calls and catch up with some people until the battery on my phone gave out. Finally got home cold, hungry and back aching just before 9pm, where upon I went more to less straight to bed. Of course many others were less fortunate and didn't get to their destinations for several more hours, I understand. 

More Spencers Wood.

Thank goodness I was able to rescue my car this morning, even if I did discover I'd left one of the windows fully down over night and the front passenger seat is now soggy LOL.

View from my attic window.

Nevertheless I'm reminded just how special winter can be (if you don't need to travel) and perhaps I could suggest a song for today? How about Kate Bush (who else? LOL) "December Will Be Magic Again."

19 Dec 09 Bristol City 1 - 1 Reading

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wunderlust said...

Oh so not good! Over here (in Queensland, at least), being stuck in snow isn't such a problem, lol, but I can guess it wouldn't be a whole lot of fun...